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Patient Acquisition

By using our preconfigured Carebot, you can engage with potential patients and grow your practice by serving better and more patients.


The average business increase thanks to interactions with chatbots. 


Of customers prefer using a chatbot for assistance over filling out a website form.

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Humanlike Interaction

Designed to create a human-like interaction with patients, our Carebot provides a personalized experience and makes your patients feel comfortable and connected.


Customers with personalized experiences will more likely to use the company's services again.


Of people prefer using messaging apps for customer assistance.

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Feature-rich and AI-based

AI-based Carebot for healthcare practices is designed with a rich set of features and capabilities to provide a comprehensive and personalized patient experience while supporting the operational needs of your medical practice.


Of businesses simplified the process of closing sales deals with a help of virtual agents.


Of routine customer queries can be handled by chatbots. 

How Carebot Helps Healthcare Practices

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Answer questions 24/7

Help your patients make informed health decisions based on reliable and accessible customer service 24/7. Leverage Carebot solution and make it a preferred communication channel, offering accurate and professional information and giving your patients peace of mind.

  • 24/7 support 
  • Verified and up-to-date information 
  • Follow-up
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Streamline appointment scheduling

Streamline and enhance patients' experience by automating appointment scheduling with the powerful Microsoft Bookings platform. With the added option of custom integration with your in-house app or EMR, you can equip your practice with even more capabilities to provide enhanced customer care while reducing costs and streamlining your healthcare operations.

  • Appointment booking
  • Patient visit management 
  • Workflow automation

Automate routine and free up your team's time

Provide patients with essential information such as your clinic's hours, specialists, treatments, and procedures, freeing up your staff's time and letting them focus on delivering high-quality in-person patient care.

  • Easy and fast access to key information
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Improved patient experience
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Gather patient's feedback

Carebot is your go-to solution to get patients’ insights on how they feel about your service and what they want. Be sure to elevate your patient experience by actively listening and actioning on areas of improvement.

  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Data-driven insights
  • Enhanced quality of care

Continuous healthcare at the fingertips

Add Carebot to your website and commonly used messenger platforms such as WhatsUp, Microsoft Teams, Slack and other preferred channels.

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Secure and compliant

We embrace the importance of patient privacy and security, which is why Carebot has been developed with the highest industry standards as top priorities.

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